MakersTrunk is an enjoyable online learning center that teaches the average person how to turn their knowledge and expertise into an enjoyable online course – and monetize it.


"We are the course creators, And we are the dreamers of dreams."
MakersTrunk's Perspective

In a nutshell, I personally like to think that everyone has different trunks that are hidden deep within their mind,  and these trunks are used to store knowledge, skills and beneficial capabilities. This means that those people who fill their trunks with the most information and experience, will unquestionably be able to perform better at their specific tasks and ultimately achieve their ultimate desired results, expectedly with less effort, less problems and less time.

So MakersTrunk is here to fill your trunks so that you can best create courses that fill the trunks of your target audience with a great deal of success.

Monetize Your Knowledge

There are literally hundreds of thousands of people around the world who are ready to pay for access to your unique knowledge, skills and experiences… And MakersTrunk was created to help you make the process of creating and selling your online courses both Easy and Fun!


Who Is This For

Seriously, if you have even the least bit of knowledge, information, or skills that someone else may find valuable – MakersTrunk is for you! That includes beginners, hobbyists, and experts. You have unique abilities and experiences that people crave and desire. And I’m going to show you how to turn that into a sustainable side income.

Chris Wright Makerstrunk
About Me

Hi, my name is Rich! I kind of stumbled into online courses as a result of a government contract job I had overseas years ago. And now I spend most of my time instructing others on how they to can easily create their own online courses – and have fun in the process.

My Personal Mantra: One year equals 365 opportunities to do something great. So trust your crazy ideas, live with integrity, and never give up.

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