Wuzzup, I'm Rich Jackson

My only goal is to help you learn how to create and sell the heck out of your online courses.

Doesn’t matter if you’re new to online business, if you aren’t tech savvy, If you’ve never taught before, if you aren’t an expert, if you’re just trying to create a small side income or a large fortune – It doesn’t matter. My job is to make sure you have fun, learn the necessary strategies, and earn your desired income.

Chris Wright Makerstrunk
Rich Jackson - Founder, MakersTrunk

I’m just your typical everyday guy (I served in the military, I was a working stand up comic, And I graduated high school with the wife of LeBron James, yeah typical)… In any event, it just so happens that I lucked out and landed a lucrative government contracting job overseas where I was groomed as an instructional designer (a person who’s paid to maximize student knowledge retention when taking a course, amongst other things).

I’m no expert by any means (I majored in business, cough**useless degree**cough), but I do know a cool thing or two OR THREE about making courses that people enjoy. Now I spend most of my time playing games with my kids and helping others create and sell their own online courses… oh yeah and having some fun in the process.

My Personal Mantra: One year equals 365 opportunities to do something great. So trust your crazy ideas, live with integrity, SMILE and never give up.




"We are the course creators, And we are the dreamers of dreams."
Simplicity The Simple Unicorn

She’s in charge of all things simple. Because of her, MakersTrunk is packed full of courses that are step-by-step, fun and easy to digest. She’s also random, and I like random.

MakersTrunk Perspective
MakersTrunk's Perspective

In a nutshell, I personally like to think that everyone has different trunks that are hidden deep within their mind,  and these trunks are used to store knowledge, skills and beneficial abilities. This means that if you continually fill your trunk with the right knowledge and information, eventually will be able to perform better and ultimately achieve your desired results,  with less effort, less stress and less time…

So MakersTrunk is here to fill your course creation and course selling trunks to the brink with strategy and systems that work. Now you can get paid to go out there and fill your students trunks with your own knowledge, strategies and experience. Cha-ching!

makerstrunk - who is this for
Who Is This For?

Seriously, if you have even the least bit of knowledge, information, or skills that someone else may find valuable, you should be selling your own course. That includes beginners, hobbyists, and experts. You have unique abilities and experiences that people crave and desire. And I’m going to show you how to turn that into a “scalable” revenue generating vehicle.

Charitable Donations

Each year I donate between $5,000 – $10,000 via my favorite charity app ShareTheMeal Which is apart of the World Food Programme. The proceeds come directly from the MakersTrunk.com course revenue and is used to feed a hungry child. Yep, a portion of each course sold via MakersTrunk.com Academy goes directly to a child or family in need. I’m a virtuous and principled guy, and I intensely believe that giving to those who are in need is the ultimate sign of a virtuous heart. (Yeah I can get deep sometime, lol, but in all honesty it’s something that I firmly believe).

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