Turn Your Knowledge Into A Course. And Turn That Course Into A Steady $4,000 Per Month Side Income.

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Monetize Your Knowledge
Transform your expertise into a revenue generating course
  • Gather your course material.
  • Create your course.
  • Sell your course (the right way)
  • Celebrate 🙂 $$$
Everything You Need To Know To Succeed
We'll show you how to create & Sell your online course
  • Create an amazing course
  • Build a super following
  • Sell your course (to people who crave it)
  • Pat yourself on the back
Let Your Voice Be Heard
Courses are the most low barrier/high profit opportunities available. Get in before it's to late!
Turn Your Passions Into BIG Business.
Why You Need To Create Your Online Course Right Now

your knowledge is revenue

You are sitting very unique knowledge and experiences that is highly sought after by your audience.

It's a $100 billion dollar industry

There’s a lot of money available to people who are willing to package and sell their knowledge. What are you waiting for?

People love buying Courses

People would much rather pay for convenient access to your unique wisdom and experiences. Vs. wading through free junk.

Build your tribe

Helping people obtain knowledge. improve their skills, and perform better Is the best way to build a loyal customer base.

Courses are long-lasting assets

Create a course one time and it has the potential to generate revenue forever.

The Fire Is Piping Hot

Let’s face it, courses are extremely popular right now, And you need to get in on this while the going is still good. speedy action takes always win.

Control your business, control your life

You can stop trading hours for dollars. Courses allow you to work on your terms and make your dreams a reality.

because you're awesome

Educating the world – there’s no greater feeling.

Helping You Win
My only mission is to help you monetize your knowledge, as quick and easy as possible

MakersTrunk doesn’t gas you up by promising to make you a millionaire. We simply give you our truth and goal – which is to help you earn a simple and sustainable income of a few thousand dollars each month. You can trust our process.

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Give Yourself A Fighting Chance
  • What is MakersTrunk all about?

    I believe that everyone has an imaginary skills chest that holds all of their knowledge and expertise. the information you obtain, the more your chest will fill. And the greater your performance will be.

  • Will I discover any ``SECRET MAGIC BULLETS``?

    Nope! Anyone claiming they have a magic bullet for success is a damn liar. lol. Nothing of the kind exists. In all honesty, you can go out there and learn everything on your own for free. However, you’ll spend years getting to a level where your course business is firing on all cylinders and turning a profit. And that’s where MakersTrunk comes in. MakersTrunk is designed to give you a huge boost, so that you will have everything you need to create and sell your courses as fast as possible!

  • Do I have to be a teacher or an expert to get started.

    Heck no! Here’s my thought on this question. you can either be an expert. Or you can research the problem.

  • Can I go at my own pace?

    Yep, once you gain access to the courses you can take as long as you need to comfortably get through the course. In fact I suggest you grab a beer or some wine and relax, there’s no rush.

  • I'm afraid of being on camera. Or my camera absolutely sucks!

    It’s cool. I’ll share different ways to create a course. with Powerpoint you dont even need a camera. Don’t worry, i’ll give you some cool options to get going!

  • Do I get lifetime access to the courses that I enroll in?

    Yep, sure do.

  • Is the course mobile and tablet friendly?

    Yes. Teachable is amazing company I use to host each course. Teachable ensures that each course is responsive and mobile friendly. Additionally, you can save your progress and pick up where you left off on another device. It’s pretty awesome how they mage to do all of that.

  • Will I only be learning how to create the course?

    Nope! Depending on which course you purchase and enroll into. you will learn everything from creating amazing courses. To selling them. To building a community. To email and social media marketing and more. New courses are always being created and added to our school so please View Our Courses to see which course you can unlock today.

  • Refunds?

    Yes. 60 DAY SATISFACTION GUARANTEE: We provide courses that promise to teach you at least one thing new.  If you are not completely satisfied with your purchase, you may return it with a note describing why you are disappointed and we will issue a full refund – No Questions Asked!